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How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone 8 Plus

Question: How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from iPhone 8 Plus

If you deleted some important text messages mistakenly, how do you retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone 8 Plus?

Best Answer:

Once you find that the text messages on your iPhone 8 Plus have been mistakenly deleted, turn on Airplane Mode right away to avoid new data overwriting the deleted texts until they are successfully recovered.

Generally, there are 8 methods to recover deleted text messages from iPhone 8 Plus. With the following flow chart, you can easily decide which method is applicable to your circumstance.

recovering deleted text messages from iphone flowchat

Retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone directly Extract missing text messages from iTunes/Finder backup Restore texts from iTunes/Finder backup on computer Restore SMS from iCloud backup on iPhone Get back lost text messages from iCloud backup

Method 1:

Power off your WiFi router and see if the deleted text messages are still on your other device that syncs data with the same iCloud account. If the texts are found, try to take screenshots or use a phone switch to get back deleted iPhone text messages without Internet connection.

Method 2:

Check if you have any iCloud backup created before the mistaken deletion. If found, restore from the iCloud backup. Though it’s Apple’s native method to restore deleted text messages from iPhone 8 Plus, it has a fatal weakness: partial restore isn’t allowed. You aren’t able to restore only the deleted SMS, and you have to erase your iPhone 8 Plus first, which means all the data in the backup will be restored to your iPhone 8 Plus and all the data generated after the backup will be lost.

Method 3:

Check if you have any computer backup of your iPhone 8 Plus created with Finder (on Mac with macOS Catalina or later) or iTunes (on Mac with macOS Mojave or earlier, or on a Windows PC). If the answer is yes, restore from that computer backup to retrieve deleted iPhone 8 texts. Please note that the method has the same weakness as Method 2.

Method 4:

If an iCloud backup is found, but you don’t want to lose the data generated after the backup, or you are not sure whether the deleted text messages are included in the backup, download a piece of free iPhone data recovery software (such as  Wondershare Dr.Fone, Syncios Data Recovery and Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone) to scan the data in your iCloud backup and selectively get back deleted text messages from iPhone 8 Plus  iCloud backup. The software only extracts the data you selected as desired and the recovery won’t have any effect on other data on your iPhone 8 Plus.

Method 5:

If a computer backup (created with Finder or iTuens) is found, use one of the free iPhone recovery tools or an iPhone backup extractor to extract the deleted text messages from the iPhone 8 Plus backup. No erasion is required and you can freely view and select the messages that you want to recover.  

Method 6:

If neither iCloud nor computer backup is found, turn to one of the best free iPhone data recovery applications like  Wondershare Dr.Fone  to directly scan the storage of your iPhone 8 Plus, preview and then selectively retrieve deleted text messages to iPhone 8 Plus. No backup is needed in this method. You are even allowed to bring back the deleted text messages to iPhone 8 Plus instead of storing on your computer. You can full preview all the deleted text messages for free, and take screenshots as you like. If you need to save to your computer, print the texts or transfer back to iPhone 8 Plus, you may a registered version.

Method 7:

Contact the other part of the deleted conversations to find deleted text messages of iPhone 8 Plus.

Method 8:

Ask whether your telecoms carrier has a copy of your deleted text messages.

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