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How Do I Get DVDs Onto the iPhone XR?


How do I get DVDs onto the iPhone XR?

I’ve recently wanted to save some space by putting some of my DVDs into iTunes and onto my iPhone XR. I know that you can put CDs into your computer to put into iTunes and I was wanting to do the same with some of my DVDs. Is there a way that I could easily do this or not.


With iTunes, you can easily rip an audio CD, import the music into iTunes and sync to iPhone XR. However, DVD ripping is not supported by iTunes.

To get DVDs onto iPhone XR, you should first convert the DVD movies to iTunes compatible formats such as 720p H.264 .mp4. Many tools enable you to rip DVD to .MP4, Handbrake is one the most popular solution. In addition, there are other free DVD rippers available. Furthermore, if you need to rip a commercial DVD instead of a home-made one, you may need a paid DVD ripper.

Once the DVD is converted to .mp4 file, you can easily import it to iTunes and sync to your iPhone XR.

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