The Best Free Mac MP3 Converter Aolor Free MP3 Converter for Mac Is Released

Shenzhen, China, June 28, 2013 – Aolor Software, a professional and pioneering Windows software and Mac app developer, today released Aolor Free MP3 Converter for Mac, a totally free Mac MP3 converter to convert audio or video to MP3 with only one step at 20X faster speed on Mac OS X.

Aolor Free MP3 Converter for Mac

Aolor Free MP3 Converter for Mac is a totally free audio and video to MP3 converter, which makes it possible for you to play almost all music and sounds on your MP3 players, smart phones, tablets and computers freely without worries about the sources of the audios since MP3 is the most widely-used audio format till now.

1. Convert Audios to MP3

With this free Mac audio to MP3 converter, you can convert almost any sounds to MP3, no matter where they come from, downloaded from the Internet, recorded with microphones of cell phones, camcorders, digital voice recorders or computers, output from audio editing, making or conversion software, or bought from iTunes or Amazon MP3.

2. Extract MP3 Files from Videos

Besides converting audios to MP3, this free Mac MP3 converter also allows you to extract MP3 from various video files, from videos downloaded from YouTube, videos edited, made or converted with software, to videos shot with camcorders, digital cameras, cell phones, tablets, etc.

3. Convert Audio/Video to MP3 in One Step

The most charming feature of this free MP3 converter for Mac is that you can convert any video or audio to MP3 with only one step: dragging and dropping the source file to the interface of the Mac MP3 converter. Then the MP3 file will be automatically output and the directory saving the output MP3 file will be automatically opened. No settings are needed and that’s all what you need to do. It’s a piece of cake even for novices.

4. Create MP3 from Audios and Videos at 20X Faster Speed

One of the most important elements that we always evaluate a good MP3 converter is its conversion speed. Aolor Free MP3 Converter for Mac never disappoints you since it will convert an audio or video file to MP3 at 20 times faster speed. Usually, it only takes 15 seconds to convert a 5-minute audio/video to MP3.

5. Totally free Mac MP3 converter

The Mac MP3 converter is a gift for all the supporters of Aolor Software. Anyone can download the free MP3 converter from Compared with other free Mac MP3 converters, the Mac app is 100% safe and clean, no ads or spyware of any forms exist in the app.

Looking for the best free MP3 converter for Mac? Don’t hesitate to download it from Aolor’s official website and enjoy the MP3 music and recordings on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, anywhere, anytime.

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