Aolor Affiliate Program

Aolor Affiliate Program

Aolor Affiliate Program is a cost-free, risk-free and easy-to-operate but high revenue affiliate program which allows you to earn up to 60% commission of your total sales.

To become Aolor’s affiliate is rather easy. You only need a RegNow affiliate ID to join in our affiliate program. If you don’t have one, please register here.

Aolor’s RegNow Vendor Information is as follows:
Vendor ID: 37893
Contact Emal: affiliate[at] (Please replace “[at]” with “@”.)

Products available for affiliates:
Product Price Product ID Commission Rate PAD Download Link
$14.95 37893-2 30% PAD Download
$29.95 37893-4 30% PAD Download
$19.95 37893-5 60% PAD Download
$19.95 37893-6 60% PAD Download

Build custom version for Mac products:

It's easy to build the custom versions for Mac products: adding "&aff_xxxxxx" to the .dmg file name.

Note: Please replace xxxxxx with your RegNow ID.

Example: The file name of DMG to ISO for Mac downloaded through the above link is "dmg-to-iso-converter-mac-rg.dmg", and if your RegNow affiliate ID is 123456, the build version should be with the name "dmg-to-iso-converter-mac-rg&aff_123456.dmg".

Build custom sales affiliate links for all products:

Usually, RegNow sales link looks like:

Note: Please replace xxxxx-x with the product ID, and xxxxxx your RegNow ID.

Example: If you want to sell Aolor DMG Maker for Mac (Product ID: 37893-4) on your site, and your RegNow affiliate ID is 123456, the custom sales affiliate links should be